經典電影求婚對白:飄 Gone With The Wind
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-So I'll change the subject and say what I came to say.


-Say it, then, and get out!


-What is it?


-That I can't go on any longer without you.


-You are the most ill-bred man to come here at a time like this -with your filthy--


-I made up my mind that you were the only woman for me...


-...the first day I saw you at Twelve Oaks.


-Now that you've got the lumber1 mill and Frank's money...


-...you won't come to me as you did to the jail.


-So I see I shall have to marry you.


-I never heard of such bad taste.


-Would you be more convinced if I fell to my knees?


-Turn me loose, you varmint, and get out of here!


-Forgive me for startling you with the impetuosity of my sentiments...


-...my dear Scarlett. I mean, my dear Mrs. Kennedy.


-But it cannot have escaped your notice that for some time past...


-...the friendship I have felt for you has ripened2 into a deeper feeling.


-A feeling more beautiful, more pure, more sacred.


-Dare I name it? Can it be love?


-Get up off your knees. I don't like your common jokes.


-This is an honorable proposal of marriage...


-...made at what I consider a most opportune3 moment.


-I can't go all my life waiting to catch you between husbands.


-You're coarse, and you're conceited4.


-And I think this conversation has gone far enough.


-Besides, I shall never marry again.


-Oh, yes, you will, and you'll marry me.


-You? You!


-I don't love you!


-And I don't like being married.


-Did you ever think of marrying just for fun?


-Marriage, fun? Fiddle-dee-dee. Fun for men, you mean.


-Hush up! Do you want them to hear you?


-You've been married to a boy and an old man.


-Why not try a husband of the right age, with a way with women?


-You're a fool, Rhett Butler, when you know I shall always love another man.


-Stop it! Do you hear me, Scarlett? Stop it! No more of that talk.


-Rhett, don't, I shall faint.


-I want you to faint. This is what you were meant for.


-None of the fools you've known have kissed you like this, have they?


-Your Charles, or your Frank, or your stupid Ashley.


-Say you're going to marry me. Say "yes." Say "yes! "




-Are you sure you meant it? You don't want to take it back?




-Look at me and try to tell me the truth.


-Did you say "yes" because of my money?




-Yes. Partly.




-Well, you know, Rhett, money does help, and, of course I am fond of you.


-Fond of me.


-Well, if I said I was madly in love with you, you'd know I was lying...


-...but you always said we had a lot in common....


-Yes, you're right, my dear.


-I'm not in love with you any more than you are with me.


-Heaven help the man who ever really loves you.


-What kind of a ring would you like, my darling?


-Oh, a diamond ring. And do buy a great big one, Rhett.


-You shall have the biggest and the most vulgar ring in Atlanta.


-I'll take you to New Orleans for the most expensive honeymoon5...


-...my ill-gotten gains can buy.


-Oh, that would be just heavenly.


-And I think I'll buy your trousseau for you, too.


-Rhett, how wonderful, but...


-...you won't tell anybody, will you, Rhett?


-Still the little hypocrite.



1 lumber a8Jz6     
  • The truck was sent to carry lumber.卡車被派出去運木材。
  • They slapped together a cabin out of old lumber.他們利用舊木料草草地蓋起了一間小屋。
2 ripened 8ec8cef64426d262ecd7a78735a153dc     
v.成熟,使熟( ripen的過去式和過去分詞 )
  • They're collecting the ripened reddish berries. 他們正采集熟了的淡紅草莓。 來自《簡明英漢詞典》
  • The branches bent low with ripened fruits. 成熟的果實壓彎了樹枝。 來自《現代漢英綜合大詞典》
3 opportune qIXxR     
  • Her arrival was very opportune.她來得非常及時。
  • The timing of our statement is very opportune.我們發表聲明選擇的時機很恰當。
4 conceited Cv0zxi     
  • He could not bear that they should be so conceited.他們這樣自高自大他受不了。
  • I'm not as conceited as so many people seem to think.我不像很多人認為的那么自負。
5 honeymoon ucnxc     
  • While on honeymoon in Bali,she learned to scuba dive.她在巴厘島度蜜月時學會了帶水肺潛水。
  • The happy pair are leaving for their honeymoon.這幸福的一對就要去度蜜月了。